Image of Vintage Braided Wire Hmong Tribal Chain Metal Bracelet

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Vintage Braided Wire Hmong Tribal Chain Metal Bracelet

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Like Joan of Arc's chain metal, wear this Braided wire bracelet like a warrior.

Drained by a world of Post Industrial Technology, numbed by Palaces of concrete, Churches of media, and War scarred landscapes, she escapes to the deep forests. Where ferns unfurl themselves, moss softly offers itself, and there is motherly kindness in everything. To incubate herself, in the smell of damp decay, the vibration of rebirth, here where ancient magick still exists.

Nothing On TV brings vintage jewelry mini collection, Land of Shadow. Curated with feminine stones of Amethyst, Labradorite, Onyx, Lapis Lazuli, Moonstone, Agate, reclaimed magickal emblems, a Black Widow spider, Crosses, Stars, and Moons. Featuring bold silver settings, and black leather chokers. These jewels are well suited for enhancing gowns of Goddess worthy lace, for Queenly velvets, or bare skin.

Photography by Chylynn Barklow:

* 8" length
* 3.5" diameter
* No stamp or makers marks

Instagram: @nothingontv